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The quote, “Prosperity is a great teacher, adversity is a greater...” is a powerful lesson that at first glance also sums up Chuck Gallagher’s soulful expression of life before, during and after his incarceration and is poignantly spoken from the heart in his new book, Second Chances: Transforming Adversity Into Opportunity.
Just like the English writer, William Hazlitt, who penned the powerful quote on adversity and it’s flip side, Gallagher takes an equally humanistic and real-world approach to this message with his easy and relatable writing style.

Gallagher’s Second Chances, begs of the reader to examine and question some of the following ideas: “Are you making the most of yourself now that you’ve been given that second or third, or even fourth chance in life?” “What are you doing with the good fortune and prosperity bestowed upon you in this lifetime?” “Are you repeating old habits and then wondering why you are where you are?” Or, “Do you truly realize that you are where you are because of the choices that you’ve made in this lifetime and that when you alter your choices, you can alter the trajectory of your life, forever?”

This book drives home the critical importance of using our intellect as well as our inner wisdom, or as I call it, true north, to make better choices along the way. It’s important to note that Gallagher’s book is not just another story of hard lessons learned and redemption realized. It’s much more, because it brings decision-making and choice-making to the forefront of our conscious behavior and points us in the direction, via our inner compass, to a better, more fulfilling and worthwhile life. Gallagher then takes this concept a step further by underscoring
the importance of individual accountability and suggests to the reader that choice isn’t just a decision, right or wrong, good or bad, instead it’s way beyond that. It’s an emotional intelligence, an inner compass of strength and a navigational tool to help us find our way out of hard times and dark places.

Gallagher makes it clear through his own shortcomings and personal endurance that what happened to him and the position he found himself in—convicted of a felony—was no accident, or even something out of his control. He later comes to realize, through the most difficult of circumstances, that each of us is in control of our own destiny and that we design our lives based on the choices we make.  Winston Churchill said, “We create our own universe as we go along.”  In many ways, Chuck sends a similar and striking message in this book, pointing to foibles and mistakes we all make but distinguishing clearly between being human and making mistakes, to not thinking of ourselves as mistakes. This is an aha moment for the reader near the
conclusion of the book.

This book is a call to action and that’s why I read it in its entirety.  Gallagher shows us the way and warns the reader of creating a prison of his or her own choosing. He states that, yes, he experienced physical prison, but how many of us live in prisons we create because of how we think, choose, love, hate, or experience life? This book brilliantly illustrates how imprisonment of the soul can take place behind bars or outside of them.

Second Chances offers nuts and bolts, hard-hitting, no-nonsense tools that you as the reader can actually manifest into the power of choice intelligence. This book says loudly, take what I’ve learned and apply it in your life and you will transform your destiny, every God-given opportunity and, in the process, you’ll develop a higher level of consciousness through better choices and a higher purpose.

Gallagher conveys the feeling that perhaps life is full of grit that can easily become imbedded in the soul—just like the grain of sand that embeds itself within the oyster’s shell—the grit of life, it’s challenges, heartbreak, and pain, also can be transformed into a beautiful pearl within us all. Second Chances guides the reader through Chuck’s personal story of triumph to finding his or her own rare, one-of-a-kind pearl within.

Shortly before his sixth month in prison, Gallagher says to himself, “Where from here?” This ultimately becomes the call to action upon which this book is premised. As the author says, “You may make a mistake, but you are not a mistake.” So what’s next? What do you do next? How will you put one foot in front of the other to manifest the power of the choices you make now and in the future?

When you’ve finished reading Second Chances, my feeling is, you’ll have a good idea about where from here is and how to get there.

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