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Chuck Gallagher is a Business Executive, Author and Speaker who Shares Straight Talk about Business Ethics,Corporate Social Responsibility, Choices, and Success...

From a Business Executive Who Lost It All...
and Gained More Than He Could Have Ever Imagined

On a crisp October day in 1995, Chuck Gallagher took 23 physical steps… opened a door… and began a new experience that was life-changing. In a style that is far more vulnerable than most motivational keynote speakers, Chuck shares poignant life lessons with his audience and touches them forever.

In his High-Energy, Thought-Provoking and Honest Presentations Chuck Shows Organizations how to:

  • Transform self-limiting beliefs into personal and organizational success
  • Use Ethical choices to enhance business growth and success
  • Understand how Corporate Social Responsibility can create a new dynamic for business growth
  • Help employees increase ethics awareness
  • Understand the effect of choices on their personal and professional lives
  • Help individuals learn the secret to transforming adversity into opportunity

As a motivational keynote speaker and business executive, Chuck's message contains a blend of motivation, success, choices, consequences, illusions, failure, ethics, and integrity based on personal experience. In today's world, you want more than a motivational speaker, you want someone that will impact your organization in a positive way … you want a speaker they won't forget. Combine choices, ethics, corporate social responsibility and personal accountability with meaning and you have Chuck Gallagher.

While recognized as one of the leading business ethics and corporate social responsibility presenters internationally, Chuck, as a recent Sales and Marketing Executive in a public company, can ignite a sales group with enthusiasm and motivate them to higher performance.   Success Principles 101…is Chuck’s most recent energy filled motivational presentation.  “Beyond the HOW TO, you discover the WANT TO, to train you to - BE GREAT!”  As a motivational speaker, Chuck Gallagher knows first hand about the power of attitude and the ability to turn adversity and challenge into opportunity and success.

While many motivational speakers present from an overall or theoretical perspective, Chuck’s approach combines content-rich personal experiences combined with practical application in a way that audiences remember. Humorous at times, often thought-provoking, Chuck’s energetic presentation style is often called inspirational, yet poignant. As a professional motivational keynote speaker, Chuck draws upon his real world business executive experience in both public and private companies, along with his education and experience, to relate to his audience – whether business, government or associations in a practical, and yet, effective manner.

The ideal meeting for Chuck's keynotes and workshops range from a business meeting or conference dealing with issues of individual choices, compliance, corporate social responsibility, sales success, change, ethics or integrity in the workplace to a sales conference where sales professionals refocus and recharge to an awards presentation for your top producers.  With offices in Greenville, South Carolina and Dallas, Texas - Chuck offers on site presentations worldwide, along with tele-conference, webinars and video presentations for his clients both here and abroad.

For more information about Chuck Gallagher's conference or corporate keynotes on business ethics, corporate social responsibility, change or sales motivation and his related seminars, please call us at 828.244.1400 or email

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